Antibiotic Production by Fermentation

antibiotic fermentation machine or fermentation of antibiotics all available anytimne in our factory.We Over 20+ years' expertise in bioreactor and fermenter.


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Antibiotic production by fermentation

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Commodity: Antibiotic fermentation model SDL-1/3/5/7/10L Lab Scale Fermentor Aniaml Cell Vessel

Fermentation of antibiotics details:

1. With compatible Price about lab scale fermentation system

2. Space savings & Easy operation

3. One LCD displayers Digital controllers and

4. We supply All size of vessels

5. Top mounted DC servo motor gives wide agitation speed control ranges

6. Built-in diaphragm type air pump protects the oil contamination by air supply

7. Digital PID temperature controller gives the accurate

and stable temperature condition of bioreactor

8. The pH value is digitally measured and controlled

9. The RS232-C and analog outputs for the temperature and pH value.

10.Meanwhile supply the DO meter and antifoam module.

Diameter height ratio:1:2~3; filling volume:70%

Material:vessel body is made of borosilicate glass to guarantee of resistance to high temp.excellent corrosion resistance,top lid,and thermostatic control. It meets fermentation technical requirement and mechanical sealed.And it equipped with air intake sterilization filter and exhaust condenser.

Sterilization:Should sent to autoclave for sterilization.

Air flow: flowrate is displayed by rotor meter, manually adjusting with rotor meter and manual valve

Rotate speed:50~1000rpm,infinitely variable speeds,precision:±1rpm

PH control: range2~12ph;precision:+/-0.02ph,resolution:0.01ph.

DO control: On-line check and measure,digital display,Range 0~100%,precision ±3%,resolution:0.1%

Temperature control: System with Heating blanket to control the temp. Inside vessel. Cooling water temp.+5~38℃,precision:±1 ℃

Foam control: Stainless steel electrode check, peristaltic pump automatically add deformer,And it has automatically control.


The SiDoLim bioreactor is discount price pharmaceutical fermentation for microorganisms which has functions of temperature control, air supply, agitation, pH measuring and control.

Sentinain Technology has over 20 years experience in providing antibiotic production by fermentation for you. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are equipped with advanced equipment and technology. Please be free to get the low price equipment from our factory and check the quotation with us.

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