Commercial Freeze Dryer With Cheaper Price

Commercial Freeze Dryer With Cheaper Price

freeze drying is the removal of water or other solvents from the frozen samples. During the whole drying process, the sample is in liquid state and the temperature is generally lower than -10. The purpose of vacuum freeze drying is to restore the original...


Commercial  Freeze Dryer with cheaper price


working conditions:

         1working ambient temperature10℃~30

            relative humidity  70%

            supply voltagesingle phase 220V±10%  50Hz

           Horizontally, no conductive dust, explosive, corrosive gas and electromagnetic interference.

         2Delivery and storage condition: ambient temperature :-35℃~50

            relative humidity 93%

            Storage environment should be well ventilated, non corrosive gas.

         3Security class I type B

applicaton pcs:

freeze dryer.jpg

vegetable freeze dryer .jpg


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